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Iloj Shrestha
We use Serverspace for hosting Windows VPS's for our clients. The control panel interface is extremely easy to use, the setup is always very fast, and the reliability and uptime of the servers have been perfect. The VPS's perform at an excellent speed and the price is perfect for our needs. The pre-payment bonus helps with the cost even further. We'll be using ServerSpace for as long as we're able to.
Ahmed Hamdi
With the exception of one unforeseen reboot, Serverspace is operating wonderfully for me. All of my servers are operating without any bother or issues at all. The dashboard is simple to use and comprehend, and the service is excellent. I appreciate that I receive an email alert when my balance is approaching zero as well as the tool that estimates how long my balance will last given my current usage. Continue your wonderful effort!
João Victor Cassiano
I've been using Serverspace's vStack platform for a few months now and I can't fault it enough. Latency is low, fast reboots and I've had zero downtime. If you want a quick setup time, SUPER easy to manage control panel, responsive support, and competitive pricing, I really can't recommend them enough.
San Wong
I tried six to seven cloud services before I settled with Serverspace. I am glad that I found it. All I need was a reliable, scalable, economical, and user friendly server for my data crunching and web application. First, their pricing is way attractive. The bigger sites may start with some low teaser rates, or even free credits, but their prices go up exponentially with more CPU and memory. Serverspace's pricing remains very reasonable. Granted they don't offer super big servers, I don't need them either. The other thing I like is that they charge significantly less when you turn off the server while other sites charge you the same. I like their simple offers; simple servers that let me build my own environments. The plethora of bells and whistles elsewhere turn me off. Their servers are generally reliable except they failed to turn on a couple times. But they fixed it promptly and were responsive through the process. Their clean and intuitive web UI is helpful. I can configure all I need and create a server on one page. Turning off and deleting the server are just as easy. I ran into sold-out situation for their US site. But it seems to have improved lately.
Stevie Jensen
Among all the companies I have rented hosting from, including DigitalOcean and Vultr; Serverspace has the best customer service! I have everything runs smoothly. I recommend it to everyone. A special thanks to the company!
Maxx Grid
I like the idea of what your company does. Just like "refill balance idea", and your server is consistent always online. Although it was strict in spam and client complaints, all is good for me.
Daniel Buitrago
I've used Serverspace service during several months and it´s been really flawless. During this time I only had one billing issue, which was solved efficiently. Congratulations to Serverspace on the excellent customer service.
Jose Evenildo de Alcantara
Até agora a experiência tem sido muito satisfatória, precisava de um servidor que pudesse me atender com um custo beneficio bem interessante. Então optei pelo Serverspace. Quando precisei de atendimento foram rápidos e objetivos, dessa forma recomendo os servidores da Serverspace.
John Roe
I store several databases on the server provided by this company. I have no problems accessing them, it is always available as well as I haven't noticed any glitches. There is a license for Windows. I am happy with their tech support, they helped configure a server according to my tasks. I recommend it.
Martin Ebongue
The uptime and the speed of the service is fantastic. The quality of support is second to none. Every time I need help, I get a very prsonalized answer and they always go the extra mile to solve my problem. I have tried many competitors in the past but non of them cameclose to the quality of service I am getting here.
Diaa Elsayed
I liked the website design, the speed of the processors, and the responsive customer service. I suggest increasing the data center related to Linux and Windows. Also, adding an operating system for Windows other than the 2019 version, which is currently available. Only another suggestion: if you forget the Linux password, enable it to be changed directly from the panel. Thanks a lot.
Julian Hernandez
The vps service that we have with the Serverspace company has guaranteed us the possibility of having multiple vps, creating them, modifying them and eliminating them whenever we want. We love your system of charging per hour of use of the vps, it is very useful, you do not need to pay the full month of a vps but it is deducted from the balance per hour. This balance can be recharged as I want, the important thing is to always have money so that my vps work. We have had more than 30 simultaneous vps in the different locations they offer and all of them working perfectly, none of them slow down or turn off. When they do maintenance they always put a warning message on the control panel or via email with time and date, also these maintenance are super fast, they do not take more than 5 minutes. We are happy with this service.
Gregg Bowser
Serverspace has been a trusted server for a long time now and i have never regret using them, so secure and safe.

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